About Us

Hi y'all! Thanks for stopping by! We are Maryam and Lindsay - two Mamas on a mission creating beautiful, modern teething accessories for you and your little babe!

Lindsay is a stay-at-home mama of two beautiful children, ages two and four. Her kids absolutely adore each other (mostly haha) and are the entire reason for everything she does!

When her daughter tugged the necklace off her neck that she got married in, Lindsay knew she had to find a practical alternative to the everyday necklace she wore. She wanted to create something stylish, easy to wear, AND that doubled as a teether/distraction while nursing and on the go. Thus began Nom Nom Necklaces!

Nom Nom Necklaces started in July of 2014 and with initial support of friends and family, it's grown into an amazing small business. In January of 2018 it was rebranded to Nom Nom Teething Co, which is more reflective of their brand (they aren't just necklaces anymore)!

In 2018, one of Lindsay's closest mommy friends was brought on as co-owner of Nom Nom Teething Co. Maryam is also a stay-at-home mama of three. Currently she has her hands full with a four year old, two year old and two month old! Mama hustle is REAL and so is coffee! Lots and lots of coffee!

Handmade with LOVE, handmade by moms, for moms. Thank you for supporting Nom Nom Teething Co. 

Maryam and Lindsay